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Black British authors visit Liverpool as part of festival

lack British authors are visiting Liverpool on Saturday 2 September as part of this year’s Black British Book Festival.

Dedicated to breaking down barriers for Black British writers and providing a powerful platform for emerging talent, the Black British Book Festival has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative.

A group of 30 remarkable Black British authors, including luminaries like Joseph Coelho, Derek Owusu, and Jackie Kay, have begun literary pop-up events in unconventional spaces, such as chicken shops, hairdressers, sportswear shops, and shopping centres, reaching out to historically underserved communities in the UK. The festival aims to democratise literature, bringing the joy of reading to individuals who may not have had previous opportunities to engage with books.

Selina Brown, the founder of the Black British Book Festival, said: “We believe in fostering diversity and inclusivity, championing emerging talent, and reaching marginalized communities. The incredible support from renowned publishers demonstrates the growing recognition of our mission. We are proud to make a lasting impact on the literary landscape, empowering voices and transforming lives.”

The festival is divided into two sections: the children’s event and the adults’ event.

Children’s Event:
Venue: Granby Winter Garden, 37-39 Cairns St, Liverpool L8 2UW
Time: 11am – 1:30pm
Featured authors: Natalie Denny And Joseph Coelho

Adults Event:
Venue: The Reader Café, Calderstones Park, Calderstones Rd, Liverpool L18 3JB
Time: 3pm – 9pm
Featured authors: Chinny Ukata and Astrid Madimba (pictured, top); Paul David Gould and Ashleigh Nugent

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