26 June, 2023

Crack code publishing success

Time : 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

Chair: Charlotte Forfieh

Hannah Chukwu

Milie Seaward 

Leodora Darlington

Sile Edwards

Are you an aspiring writer with dreams of seeing your work in print? Don’t miss our highly anticipated session on “How to Get Published”! Deep diving into the journey from manuscript to market It’s time to turn your writing aspirations into reality.

Join us as we bring together a panel of industry experts who will share their invaluable insights and secrets to success. From renowned editors and literary agents to publishing directors, this lineup is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience.

Discover the essential steps to navigate the publishing world, from perfecting your manuscript to finding the right agent and securing a book deal. Learn how to craft compelling queries, build your author platform, and stand out in a competitive market.
Don’t let your manuscript gather dust on your desk. Join us on to embark on your journey to becoming a published author. Secure your spot now and unlock the door to your writing dreams!

Meet Our Esteemed Panellists:

Hannah Chukwu, Editorial Director, Dialogue Books: An award-winning editor with an impressive portfolio, Hannah has championed diverse voices in literature and worked closely with renowned authors such as Bernadine Evaristo. Her expertise and commitment to equality in education make her a true trailblazer.

Millie Seaward, Head of Publicity, Dialogue Books: Recognized as a Rising Star, Millie has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous books, including “The Vanishing Half” and “Rainbow Milk.” Her innovative publicity campaigns have garnered accolades within the publishing industry.

 Leodora Darlington, Publishing Director, Orion: Before Orion, Leodora previously worked at Bookouture and Canelo before moving to Amazon Publishing. She published one of Bookouture’s biggest sellers of 2020, The Dancing Girls; one of Canelo’s most popular titles of 2021, The Nurse; and one of Amazon Publishing UK’s most popular titles of 2022, Death in the Sunshine. She is also the founder of Owned Voices, a platform to nurture the talent of under-represented writers and to demystify the way the publishing industry works.

Sile Edwards, Literary Agents: Silé has established themselves as leading literary agents, nurturing the careers of content creators across various genres. Their experience and industry recognition make them invaluable guides on the journey to publication.

This event is presented in partnership with Hachette.

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