26 June, 2023

Craft, Create, Cash In!

Time : 11:30 am – 12:30 am

Organisation: Society of Authors

Lisa Dowdeswell

Johanna Clarke

Johanna is a Contracts Advisor at the Society of Authors where she advises members on contracts and industry issues, including agency matters and agreements, as well as subsidiary rights deals for film and TV. She previously worked as a Contracts Executive at a literary agency, and before that at a theatrical agency representing scriptwriters and creatives. Johanna is the Coordinator for the SoA’s Poetry and Spoken Word Group, coordinates the SoA’s advisory outreach programme, and co-hosts the SoA’s Advisory Clinic podcast. Lisa Dowdeswell is Head of Literary Estates at the SoA and also a Senior Contracts Advisor. She is also a coordinator for the Comics Creators Network

Mastering the Art of Making Money as a Writer. Calling all aspiring authors! Are you passionate about writing and eager to transform it into a sustainable source of income? We invite you to join us for an enlightening session titled “Craft, Create, Cash In,” where we will unveil the secrets to financial success in the literary world During the workshop, Contracts Advisors from The Society of Authors will share proven strategies, practical tips, and insider insights to help you monetize your writing talent. We will explore various avenues for generating income as an author, including book royalties, advances, freelance opportunities, and self-publishing ventures. Furthermore, we will delve into navigating the ever-evolving publishing landscape, working with agents, negotiating your contracts, and making the most of your trade union. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire the knowledge and inspiration needed to thrive as a professional writer.

This event is presented in partnership with Society of Authors

About Society of Authors:

About the Society of Authors: The Society of Authors is the leading trade union in the United Kingdom, representing a diverse community of writers, illustrators, and literary translators at all stages of their professional journeys. With over a century of experience, they provide expert guidance to individuals and advocate for the collective interests of their members within the industry

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