28 June, 2023

Croydon Adult

Venue 2(Adult)

Little Turf Keeley Road, Croydon, CR0 1TF.

Date : 30/09/2023

Time : 3 pm – 4 pm

Author: Kenny Imafidon

Book : that Peckham boy

Rewriting the Narrative: A Journey with Kenny Imafidon

Join us for an inspiring workshop led by Kenny Imafidon, the author of the powerful memoir “That Peckham Boy.” Prepare to be captivated as Kenny shares his remarkable story of transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of positive change for marginalised individuals in our society.

In this thought-provoking event, Kenny will delve into the pages of his book and take you on a journey through the challenges and triumphs that have shaped his life. From growing up in a community plagued by deprivation and gang culture to being wrongfully accused of a horrific crime, Kenny’s experiences have led him on a path of self-discovery and advocacy.

“That Peckham Boy” is not just a memoir; it’s a call to action. Kenny’s story serves as a manifesto, urging us to take a closer look at the narratives surrounding young, Black, and economically disadvantaged individuals. Through his own personal journey and The Kenny Report delivered to the House of Commons, Kenny has become a catalyst for change, working with charities, communities, and policy-makers to rewrite the stories of marginalised youth.

During this workshop, Kenny will share his insights, engage in open and honest discussions, and inspire you to reflect on your own power to shape your narrative. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by young people on the fringes of society and the importance of fostering positive change.

Join us as we explore the themes of identity, resilience, social justice, and the transformative power of education and mentorship. Kenny’s story will challenge your perceptions, ignite your empathy, and leave you with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

This event is open to individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and professions who are passionate about social change and empowering marginalised voices. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Kenny Imafidon and be part of a movement that seeks to redefine the narratives of young people facing adversity.

Step into the world of “That Peckham Boy” and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Secure your spot today and join us for an event that will leave a lasting impact on your perspective and inspire you to be an agent of positive change in your community.

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