25 February, 2014


Open use of the facility

Time : 2.30pm – 03:00pm

Author: Oti Mabuse

A Dance Extravaganza with Oti Mabuse!

Join Strictly Come Dancing champion and CBeebies Boogie Beebies host, Oti Mabuse, for an electrifying and interactive dance session that will leave you in awe!
Dance along with Oti and her class as they prepare for their first dance show, learning “The Lion Samba” in ten easy steps. Explore animal movements and unleash your inner wild side – stomp like an elephant, reach for the sky like a giraffe, and shake your mane like a lion!

Written by Oti Mabuse herself, this heartwarming picture book will inspire families who have admired her on-screen talent. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this dance sensation and create unforgettable memories

4+ years

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