26 June, 2023

How to Secure a Literary Agent

Time : 02:30 pm – 3:30pm

Organisation: Agent Jane Graham Maw

Dreaming of seeing your manuscript in the hands of a renowned literary agent? Don’t miss our highly anticipated session on “How to Secure a Literary Agent” and pave the way to your publishing success. Join renowned literary agent Jane Graham Maw who will reveal the secrets to capturing the attention of agents and landing representation. From crafting a compelling query letter to navigating the submission process, she’ll provide you with practical strategies and insider tips to stand out in the crowded publishing landscape.

Discover what agents look for in potential clients, how to tailor your submissions to specific agencies, and how to choose an agent who is right for you. Gain valuable insights into the dos and don’ts of agent queries, manuscript formatting, and refining your pitch.

About Graham Maw Christie Agency:
Established in 2005, Graham Maw Christie is recognized as one of the foremost non-fiction literary agencies in the United Kingdom. They take great pride in their representation of a diverse selection of non-fiction authors. Their clients include Sunday Times Bestsellers, internationally acclaimed writers and recipients of prestigious awards, as well as authors who possess expertise in niche subjects tailored for specific audiences. Jane was shortlisted for Literary Agent of the Year at the British Book Awards in 2023.

This event is presented in partnership with Graham Maw Christie Agency

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