25 June, 2023

I Am Nefertiti (PB)

Time : 1.30pm – 2pm

Author: Annemarie Anang

The Magic of I Am Nefertiti with Annemarie Anang

Embark on a captivating journey with Annemarie Anang as she shares the heartwarming tale of I Am Nefertiti. Join her in a magical session where empowerment, identity, and a sense of belonging take centre stage.

Immerse yourself in Nefertiti’s enchanting world as Annemarie weaves a tale of courage and self-discovery. Sing along to the captivating melodies of Annemarie’s ukulele, inspired by magical instruments from around the world. Let your voices harmonise, filling the air with pure joy and unity.

Unlock the power within as we celebrate diversity and the beauty of embracing one’s true identity. Annemarie reminds us that when we stand together, supporting and uplifting one another, something truly beautiful emerges.

Family, 3-7 years

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