26 June, 2023

Literature Powerhouses: Shaping the Future

Time : 10:30am – 11:30am


Chair :

Crystal Mahey-Morgan


Booker Prize
Nielsen BookData
Royal Society of Literature

Influential voices from across the literary world come together for a panel discussion to discuss their vision for the future of the publishing industry. Panellists include representatives from The Booker Prize, Royal Society of Literature, Nielsen and Waterstones. Uncover the world of these leading literature organisations and discover their pivotal role in shaping the literary landscape. Get inspired as our panellists share their vision for the future of the publishing industry and discuss the steps they are taking to promote inclusivity and diversity. As ideas are exchanged, gain valuable perspectives and insights into the inner workings of the publishing world. Engage with industry leaders and join the movement towards a more inclusive literary community. Meet the panel members: Crystal Mahey-Morgan, Co-founder of OWN IT!, chairs the panel. OWN IT! is a proudly independent publisher, talent agency and production label with an international focus. The agency works with and nurtures a wide array of talent, developing stories across book, film and TV. Gaby Wood is Chief Executive of the Booker Prize Foundation. The Booker Prize Foundation promotes the art and value of literature for the public benefit. It awards the leading literary prize in the English-speaking world and engages in reading initiatives and support for literature-related causes. Molly Rosenberg is Director of The Royal Society of Literature. The Royal Society of Literature (RSL) is Britain’s charity for the advancement of literature. It honours and encourages writers, engages the public in literature, and demonstrates the impact of literature on society. Zain Mahmood is Head of Commercial at Waterstones. National bookshop chain Waterstones champions good books and promotes reading culture. With more than 280 bookshops, the chain offers a mix of in-store and online experiences for book lovers. Clive Herbert is Head Of Professional Services at Nielsen. Nielsen BookData provides services to the book industry internationally, aiding the discovery, distribution and sales measurement of books. It offers research services and metadata management for publishers and booksellers worldwide.

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