9 July, 2023

Luton Children


Venue 1 (Children)

No Ordinary BookshopThe Market Place, The Mall Shopping Centre Luton, LU1 2TA

Time : 12:30  – 01:30 pm

Author: Sarah Asuquo

Book: Shine

Shine Your Light: Embrace Your Uniqueness with Sarah Asuquo

Mark your calendars for a truly inspiring workshop with author Sarah Asuquo as she brings her heartwarming book, “Shine,” to life. Join us in a few months for an event that celebrates diversity, self-acceptance, and the power of embracing our unique qualities.

Follow Kai’s journey as he faces challenges at school, where he is mocked for being different. Together, we will explore Kai’s transformation from feeling low in confidence to discovering the beauty and value of his individuality. Sarah Asuquo’s touching storytelling will ignite young minds, encouraging them to recognize their own special qualities and the importance of celebrating diversity.

Through engaging activities and thoughtful discussions, children will learn about self-esteem, resilience, forgiveness, and the strength that comes from embracing their true selves. Sarah Asuquo will empower young readers to shine their light brightly and embrace the unique qualities that make them special.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the talented Sarah Asuquo and embark on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and celebration. Reserve your spot now and prepare to be inspired to shine your light and make a positive difference in the world.

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