8 July, 2023

Peterborough Children

Date : 05/08/2023

Time : 01:30pmĀ  – 02:30 pm

Author: Uju Asika

Book: A World For Me and You: Where Everyone Is Welcome

A World of Diversity: Let Your Imagination Soar with Uju Asika!

Get ready for an enchanting journey into the vibrant and diverse world created by bestselling author Uju Asika in her heartwarming book, “A World For Me and You: Where Everyone Is Welcome.” Join us in a few months for an exciting workshop that will ignite children’s imaginations and celebrate the beauty of our global community.

Through captivating storytelling and interactive activities, Uju Asika will inspire young minds to embrace diversity, appreciate different cultures, and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. Explore the pages that explode with colour, taste the rich flavours of diverse cuisines, and discover the power of storytelling as we imagine a world that embraces everyone’s story.

This workshop is an opportunity for children to discover the joy and magic of a wonderfully diverse world. Let Uju Asika guide you on a captivating journey that will leave you inspired and uplifted. Don’t miss out on this incredible event! Reserve your spot now and get ready to embark on a colourful adventure of imagination and understanding.

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