9 July, 2023

Wolverhampton Children


Venue 1 (Children)

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Lichfield St, Wolverhampton WV1 1DU

Time : 11amĀ  – 12:00 pm

Author: Beth Suzanna

Book: The Missing Piece


The Puzzle Adventure: Join Beth Suzanna in Finding ‘The Missing Piece’

Calling all young puzzle enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Join us for an exciting workshop event with renowned illustrator Beth Suzanna as we embark on a journey to find ‘The Missing Piece’ together.

Inspired by the heart-warming and original story by Jordan Stephens, this event is perfect for children who love family, friendship, and the thrill of solving puzzles. Beth Suzanna, the talented illustrator behind the captivating illustrations in ‘The Missing Piece,’ will bring the story to life through interactive activities and artistic exploration.

During the workshop, Beth Suzanna will share her creative process, demonstrate her unique illustration techniques, and guide children in creating their own puzzle-inspired artworks. Get ready to unleash your imagination and dive into a world of colours, shapes, and storytelling.

As we follow Sunny, the determined and adventurous protagonist, on her quest to find the final missing piece of her one-thousand-piece puzzle, we’ll discover the joy of exploration, the power of determination, and the importance of friendship along the way. Beth Suzanna will provide insights into how she visualised the story’s characters and settings, inviting children to share their interpretations and create their own artistic masterpieces.

Through this workshop, children will not only develop their artistic skills but also learn valuable life lessons about resilience, problem-solving, and the beauty of unexpected discoveries. Beth Suzanna’s expertise and passion for storytelling will inspire young minds to embrace creativity and see the world through a fresh perspective.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to meet Beth Suzanna, dive into the world of ‘The Missing Piece,’ and unlock your own artistic potential. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle solver or a budding artist, this workshop event promises an unforgettable experience that will ignite your imagination and leave you buzzing with excitement.

Limited spots are available, so secure your place now and be prepared for an adventure filled with creativity, friendship, and the joy of finding what was missing all along. Let’s piece together a memorable day of exploration and artistic expression with Beth Suzanna and ‘The Missing Piece’!

Note: Copies of ‘The Missing Piece’ will be available for purchase, and Beth Suzanna will be delighted to sign your books and engage in creative conversations with attendees. Get ready to uncover the magic of storytelling through illustration and embark on an unforgettable journey of creativity and friendship.

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