"Projects" Highlights from the 2023 Black British Book Festival

Highlights from the 2023 Black British Book Festival

The 2023 Black British Book Festival shone as a beacon of literary excellence and diversity, unfolding over two dynamic days at London’s renowned Southbank Centre. Embracing global perspectives, the festival hosted over 200 esteemed speakers across 40 captivating sessions, engaging a diverse audience of 4,000 attendees from around the world.

Key accomplishments included celebrating diverse voices, featuring 100 Black Self-Published Authors, and fostering community engagement by offering complimentary tickets to Lambeth residents. The “Spark Ideas Zone” emerged as a vibrant space for aspiring writers, while esteemed partnerships with leading organisations enhanced the festival’s impact. With over 3,000 books sold, the festival showcased the richness of Black literature.

Founder & CEO, Selina Brown, expressed profound gratitude to all contributors, sponsors, and supporters. The festival’s success reaffirms its commitment to uplifting diverse narratives, setting the stage for another remarkable literary journey in 2024.

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