Derek Owusu

Writer and Podcaster

Derek Owusu is a writer, poet and podcaster from North London. In 2016, he joined the multi-award-winning literature podcast Mostly Lit. He also produced the well-received This Is Spoke podcast for Penguin Random House and Freemantle Media. He has written for the Big Issue and more. His essay on Black men and insecurities was the second-most-read article on Media Diversified in 2018, and his essay on language was picked up by BBC Newsnight to be turned into a short documentary. He contributed to What Is Race by Nikesh Shukla and Claire Heuchan and has had poems published by the Good Journal. Derek also collated, edited and contributed to SAFE: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space. He is the author of That Reminds Me, which won the Desmond Elliott Prize.

Position: Writer and Podcaster
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