Tasha Bailey

Qualified & accredited psychotherapist (UKCP)

Tasha Bailey is an accredited psychotherapist - specialising in trauma, self-love and creativity in therapy - and has established herself as one of the go-to experts on social media talking about mental health; encouraging more open discussions about healing and self-care, making these conversations more fresh, inclusive and relevant. Tasha has contributed to and been featured by Vogue, Stylist, Refinery29, The Independent, Metro, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio and more. Tasha uses her Instagram @RealTalk.Therapist to share her insights with those who can't access therapy, helping people to reflect, recognise and take stock of their emotions. In September 2022 Tasha was named Health & Wellness Influencer of the Year at the bCreator Awards.

Position: Qualified & accredited psychotherapist (UKCP)
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